"I am proud to be featured in the CAE Book, it looks great, and so happy that my artwork is featured on the cover also - thank you GAA” - Ellen van Teijlingen

"The Contemporary Art of Excellence book has been a wonderful addition to my marketing efforts as an International Australian artist. The book contains many high quality artists and is beautifully prepared. I'm thrilled to be included in the book and look forward to working with the wonderful team at Global Art Agency for many years ahead." - Simon Brushfield

"Publishing my work with GAA has opened it up to a whole new world of art viewer and is a highly recommendable for any serious artist!" - Peter Snoopie Higgins

"Its a great idea to collect all the good artworks and artists of 2015 in one place. The CAE book shows variety works from different contemporary artists around the globe, which creates an interesting mix of styles and techniques by foreigners and introducing us to their culture and imagination. Personally, I like the idea that it has 3 translations of the artist statements and specially Russian, as Moscow art scene is becoming very big and its a great idea to introduce international artists to them in their own language. I am very pleased to be part of the CAE Book, and hope there will be more to come with GAA." - Yelena York Tonoyan

"Thank You so much for giving me this opportunity to give my art global attention through the CAE Book - Great way to show the diversity of art, big thanks" - Kirsten Fredslund Jæger

"Yesterday I received this new CAE book. Congratulations, its great !! Thanks for cooperating, all the best;" - Gerard van den Oetelaar

"Many thanks to the Global Art Agency, it's been great to be featured in the 2015 edition of the Contemporary Art of Excellence Book. And I enjoyed the launch party much" - Edward Dover.

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be featured in the CAE book. I have had some great responses and comments on my work. It is an incredible feeling, when you open the book for the first time and see your work in there! The book really does help with promoting myself. I hope to work with you in future and be featured in further editions of the book! Thank you!Anya  (Anna) Myagkikh

"It is a very nice book. It seemed to all that I've shown it to. I really like the horizontal format. Thank you chosen my work - I am very grateful to be featured!" - Tove Andresen

"All filled with talented artists, represented in a high quality book. A must have for your collection." - Ellen van Teijlingen

"This is my first publication in the UK so I am absolutely thrilled and excited, for us is so important to be published, it's our way to enter other countries and have the chance to be seeing. It is part of our journey. "The Contemporary  Art of Excellence" is a Beautiful book, and very easy to use. I thank you for giving me this opportunity and I am looking forward to continue to work with all of you from Global Art Agency." - Natalia Valera


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