"Thank you for the book we received. It is a beautiful book" - Henry Dartnall, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

"The Contemporary Art of Excellence book is displayed in our Book Shop window, and let's see how the sales are going." - William Thomson, Macdonald Randolph Hotel 

"I just spent the last half hour on the internet looking at the work of this artist Jean Thomassen.  I have never heard of him (shame on me) but his work is extraordinary and incredible really. Thank you so much again for the book, it is a great thing to have on my desk and take me away from the crazy stuff from time to time." - David J. Ryan. Sakurai Corporation London Branch

"It has been lovely to receive the book through the post which we will be displaying in the gallery and am sure our customers will love it too" - Gerard Bernard

"Gracias por el libro, me encantan los artistas y la calidad del libro" - Javier Tomas, Avenida Palace Hotel

"Альбом GAA "CONTEMPORARY ART OF  EXCELLENCE" очень  понравился!!  Я увидела мир современного искусства, глазами художников разных стран и континентов!" - Tatiana Sokolova

"Grandes obras y artistas! Un gran libro!" - Oscar Subirachs

"Thank you for the book - it's fabulous!" - Natalia Premerie

"Looking forward to the next edition!" - Chris Smith, Media Factory

"Un llibre fantàstic! Molt recomanable per els amants del art" - Jofre Antoniou, Composer

"Wow, this is really stunning. I love so many of these paintings. They look really really good. And it is such a beautiful book." - Ruth Lunn, UK Books

"Very happy to visit the Oxford International Art Fair at the Town Hall, and not only to buy a magnificent piece of artwork for my living room, but also to have bought the Art Book by your organisation, it's such a nice well-produced book. Very well done to you!" - Mrs Owains, Art Collector.  

"We are happy to sell the art book in our Oxford branch" - Blackwell's Bookshop 

"На сайте "Amazon.com" приобрел великолепно оформленную книгу "CONTEMPORARY ART OF EXCELLENCE". Книга необыкновенная! В в ней представлены работы  более шестидесяти художников разных стилей, направлений и из разных стран мира. Альбом на трех языках: русском, английском и японском! Я считаю "изюминкой" книги то, что художники  от первого лица рассказывают о себе и своих работах." - Владимир

"I have purchased twenty more books on Amazon for our gallery shop" - Dr Barry Smith 

"I am pleasantly surprised by your high quality selection" - Kym Lu

"The book contributes to our art publications and is relevant to Oxford, so it fits in perfectly and our clients have been enthusiastic" - Museum of Oxford