The "Contemporary Art of Excellence" Book is both educational and a true collectible item. 



Our Mission

The CAE Book has been brought to life by Curators with the purpose to show the world some of the outstanding Contemporary Art that is being created now! We feel that the book adds value for those who have a general interest in art, whether to be a Collector or a new Art aficionado. The book displays a selected range of Artists - with some of them being in the top of the most investable artists of this time. It gives guidance for investment opportunities, as well as educational resources and is a true collectible item.  

Winner of two coveted Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development, Seacourt Printing, is behind the outstanding high-quality of the CAE Art Book of the first edition. Recognised as ‘one of the top three leading environmental printers in the world’ and multi-award winning for their outstanding performances. Adding huge value giving readers of the CAE Art book the best possible experience viewing the artworks. Bringing the art to life!



The hardcover CAE Book is available to purchase through Amazon, and has a wide distribution including Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Foyles, Bertram, Blackwell - around 30 territories including US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. And is also available as Ebook through iBookstore, Amazon, Scribd, Copia, Central, Kobo, Gardners Books, and others.

Furthermore the book is distributed to Museums and Galleries around the globe, for sale at international art fairs, such as Tokyo International Art Fair, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Oxford, Vienna, Barcelona, Miami, and more... 


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Thank you for the book that we received. It is a very beautiful book!
— Henry Dartnall, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

What We've Achieved

  • Giving upcoming Artists the opportunity to raise profile.
  • Promoting the Contemporary Arts on a global scale.
  • Working together with double Queen's Awards winner to achieve the best quality.
  • Providing a different communication platform for the Contemporary Arts 
  • Engaging the Art loving audience with the international Artist
  • Working towards the highest environmental standards