GAA was established in 2010, and have since grown hugely on an international level collaborating with some of the most recognised names in the art industry, luxury brands, five-star accommodations, art society's and award-winning organisations.


What we do

Apart from publishing art books the GAA is also organiser of international Art Fairs at exclusive venues. There’s no better way to see contemporary art from around the world than in a venue with personality in a city of culture. Connecting Art with Art. Representing artists and galleries worldwide. Providing an exciting place where Artist, Gallery and Collector can connect. Working together with qualified art partners and sponsors around the globe enables us to make unique connections within the art community on an international level. 

The CAE Book adds value to our concept in which we try to achieve to let the Artist, Gallery can connect with the Collector and Art aficionado. And vice-versa the international Art Fairs add value to the Book which are for sale at each of our event.