CAE Contemporary Art of Excellence Book featured in London's hit magazine!

Home & House is a London based luxury lifestyle magazine that feature ultimate luxury in their glossy print issues ... Art, Restaurants, Travel, Fashion, Motoring,..

We are very proud to have the CAE Book and it's featured artists promoted by such an exquisite magazine that is very populair with the elite in London - the perfect audience for the Contemporary Art of Excellence art book! 

"The CAE Book SOLD OUT at the Tokyo International Art Fair...  Next stop... 'the Miami Art Expo' 19-26 June - Amazing!" - Kim Lynn

"I am proud to be featured in the CAE Book, it looks great, and so happy that my artwork is featured on the cover also” - Ellen van Teijlingen

"Publishing my work with GAA has opened it up to a whole new world of art viewer and is a highly recommendable for any serious artist!" - Peter Higgins

"Wow, this is really stunning. I love so many of these paintings. They look really really good. And it is such a beautiful book." - Ruth Lunn, UK Books