The 2016 must-have Art Collector's book for Contemporary Art volume II - Out now.

The Contemporary Art of Excellence Book Volume II is out now! Buy the book.

Volume II of the Contemporary Art of Excellence is out and for sale on Amazon. Featured by WorldGuide as a true collectors must-have - featuring investable artists of 2016.

When the first edition of the book launched back in February 2015, the reviews were outstanding. Such as Henry Dartnall from the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology who applauded the quality and outstanding art featured. 

With only just the second edition being published it has already been announced as 'Must-have Art Collector's book' by WorldGuide. 

"It's been a real thrill to launch the second book and receiving so many positive comments" - said Natal Vallvé Co-Founder of the book series. 

"I completely agree" - adds Joëlle Dinnage also Co-Founder of the book series. "It has only just been launched, and we are working hard talking to many organisations, museums and galleries that want to either sell the book, buy the books, or to keepsake a few copies."

Extremely delighted are the Founders with the request of a famous Magazine publisher that are enquiring to feature the book - more news soon about this. 

It looks like the 'Contemporary Art of Excellence Volume II' will be another success.

About the CAE II Book.

Arranged in alphabetical order by artist, the Contemporary Art of Excellence Volume II book is amazingly easy to use. With large representative images and an informative text that discusses the works in detail as well as offering information about its creator. The CAE Art Book is both educational and a piece of Art in itself.

The book presents a fine selection of 100 international artists featured, some of the highlights are:

Iva Troy (UK) - Featured on the CAE Book front cover - Iva won the 2013 Towry Best of England Award - she combines traditional painting techniques with postmodern elements to create engaging Renaissance-style artworks that challenge the noion of societal conformity.

Tracey Harvey (Australia) - Tracey creates fields of riotous colour that melt into each other so gracefully, with drastic tone contrasts and organic shapes that coalesce into extraordinary scenes.

Roger de Tanios (Lebanon) - Award-winning artist rich of cultural duality due to his French and Lebanese Nationalities, being a global artist and international Legal advisor. Throughout his artistic journey, he has created the 'Aychak Man" a symbolic sculpture series that is a representation of the Middle Eastern "Macho Man" and the way he considers women in general.

 Dylan Jake Vermaas

Dylan Jake Vermaas

Dylan Jake Vermaas (Netherlands) - Dylan is an emerging young photography artist that recently won the third prize in the Dutch Fine Art Talent Award 'Zilveren Kei 2014' and was included in the fifty major contributors of the 'Sony World Photography Awards in London'.

Eduardo Regueira Campos (Brazil) - Graduated in Design, Eduardo applies both the developmet and execution to his projects, he sees his work as proponent of ConceptuArt Design.

Edward J. Morét (United States) - With a strong interest in world travel and the environment compelled him to paint the story of climate change and its direct impact on our civilisation.

Eiko Ojala (Estonia) - Renowned illustrator who lives in Tallinn, Estonia working mostly digitally and draws everything by hand studying the forms of shapes working on light and shadow, keeping his illustrations minimal and well-advised.

Kuzma Vostrikov (Russia) - In remembrance of his Tamara, he started improving his reality, by telling each of his friends his love story through his photography art.

The Contemporary Art of Excellence Book Volume II can be bought through Amazon. Buy the book.

Contemporary Art of Excellence Book Volume II